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CiaoBox is an innovative company that offers infinite storage for your items. Your belongings will be securely kept in our storage and guarded 24 hours.

One or more boxes made of rigid plastic will be delivered free to your home-address which can be used to store your personal items safely. At any point in time you can re-order some or all of your stored items to be delivered to your home-address. It will only take you a click on our website or a call to our customer service.

Upon your request and authorisation, we take pictures of your items including a description of your stored articles in order to offer you a digital catalogue of your items.

We offer our services from only CHF 9.50 per month per stored item or box.

The ideology of CiaoBox is to preserve instead of throwing away and re-buying. Our boxes are reusable an infinity of times and made of recycled material.

CiaoBox is your infinite closet of things. You have to prepare your items only. We will take care of the latter.

Space up your life.


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Delivers high quality eco-friendly plastic bins

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