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No problem, you will only be charged the difference between the extended period and what you have already been charged.


You can choose whatever sizes you prefer, only pay attention to the different weight limits. If a box or item is overweight, it will be repacked into two boxes. Boxes size available:

Small (For books and other small items) 50x30x35cm / 19.65×11.80×13.75in / max 30kg / 65lb

Medium (For Kitchen utensils and small items) 60x40x35cm / 23.60×15.70×13.75in / max 25kg / 55lb

Large (Only for clothing, bed linens and towels) 40x35x70cm / 15.70×13.75×13.75in / max 20kg / 44lb


We recommend in this case to use our Custom Quotation  ( button “Custom Quotation”) that you will find in our page and specify (under additional information area) to envelop your suitcases and to store them separately. In that case, will take special care of them and we will store separately.