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CiaoBox applies the following rates:

  • Monthly rate storage of each CiaoBox bin:CHF 9.50
  • Monthly rate storage of each Wardrope:CHF 19.50
  • Monthly rate for storage of other items:from CHF 9.50
  • Delivery of empty boxes or wardrobe-boxes:FREE
  • Pick-up of packed boxes:FREE
  • Delivery of your items (per trip):CHF 29.00
  • Delivery of your items (per item):CHF 3.50
  • Monthly minimum rate per client:CHF 29.00
  • Hourly rate for 1 operator and truck:CHF 89.00
  • Hourly rate for 2 operators and truck:CHF 120

One-Off charges for delays, missing payment or in special cases:

  • First payment reminder (14 days after payment-due date):CHF 9.50
  • Second payment reminder (30 days after payment-due date):CHF 29.00
  • Third payment reminder (60 days after payment-due date):CHF 60.00
  • Non-attendance at appointment (delivery and/or pick up):CHF 29.00
  • Cancelling of appointment on the same calendar-day:minimum CHF 29.00 or advance fee
  • Malfunction of payment (due to client’s bank – Chargeback):CHF 29.00
  • One-Off charge per trip if one single item or box weighs over 25 KG:CHF 19.00
  • Purchase of rented boxes or in case of missing return within 30 days after delivery:CHF 40.00
  • Pawnbroker Charges (150 days after payment-due date):CHF 140.00

All costs mentioned in this document are updated amounts as per today including VAT that need to be paid. The amounts that will be applied monthly are to be accepted in the moment of order. In exceptional cases, it is possible that lower rates than mentioned above will be applied upon authorisation of CiaoBox.

The rental contract has a minimum duration of three months and a monthly billing-minimum of CHF 29.00 unless CiaoBox authorized in writing an alternative solution.

All mentioned rules are integral part of our Terms and Conditions.

Updated 01.11.2019