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Our Rules


We prefer to call them principles of good use. Three very important concepts that will guarantee our best service.

1. Prepare your items carefully, it is your responsibility. Hand in only objects that are allowed by Terms of CiaoBox and wrap every single item carefully. Use paper or polystyrene and wrap in a way that everything can be transported without breaking.
2. Do not ask our staff to pack your items instead. Respecting this rule allows us to offer you and all our clients on time deliveries at a reasonable cost.
3. Your main responsibility: remember to pay correctly and on time.



Following a list of items that cannot be handed in to be stored:

The list could be way longer but we are convinced that common sense will help you to decide whether it is appropriate to hand in a particular object to be stored or not.

  • Inflammable Things (lighters, gas, fuel, combustible, paint, varnish etc.)
  • Explosive Things (petrol, chemical components, gas cylinders, air tanks, fireworks etc.)
  • Things that are considered Illegal in Switzerland and/or the European Union (illicit drugs, stolen goods or items that are not of your own property, pedo-pornography, counterfeits, forgery, any type of weapons).
  • Liquid Things (beer or wine collections, great-grandfather’s whiskey, grandmother’s tomato sauce etc.)
  • Things that breathe or used to breathe or will breathe (meat of any type, things that used to be alive, beings of any size: from ants to mammoth, bacteria culture etc.)
  • Things of Organic Origin (fruit (especially Durian), vegetables, mushrooms etc.)
  • Things that have a strong smell or could stain or start to stink (dairies (milk and cheese), wet clothes, perfumes, ink etc.)
  • Things that cannot reasonably be transported /moved by one person only.
  • Inflammable Things (lighters, gas, fuel, combustible, paint, varnish etc.)


Remember that the items you hand in will be moved multiple times by various individuals. Therefore, wrap your items carefully and remember that you should not hand in fragile items (such as crystal glasses, mirrors, sculptures, ceramics, china, glass etc.) that could easily break. If any of those items should break because of their fragility you understand that you give automatically up on your rights of complaint and reimbursement versus CiaoBox.

You acknowledge and accept not to hand in items of inestimable value, sentimental or emotional value etc. In case of storage of mentioned items, you accept to give up on all rights and demands versus CiaoBox regarding reimbursement in case of damages.

All mentioned rules are integral part of our Terms and Conditions.

Updated 10.12.2017