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The monthly rental rate must be paid to CiaoBox in advance. The payment must be made in full without any reminder or communication from our side. Our duty is to guard your items whereas yours it to pay in a timely manner.

The billing cycle is based on the date when your items get stored, the date of your first pick-up appointment. If your pick-up appointment is e.g. on the 16th of the current month, the second billing month will start on the 16th of the following month. Remember that the billing minimum is CHF 28.50 per month for a minimum duration of three months. The first month will be debited at the moment of order.

The amount that is monthly due it the sum of all totals as indicated under “RATES” in addition to applicable taxes, charges or fees mandated by an authority or court. You can check and print the total charges debited to your account at any time under “My Account” or ask for a copy sending an email to